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Alberta's Center of Excellence for Nutrition in Digestive Diseases Ascend is dedicated to generating new discoveries regarding the link between nutrition and digestive diseases and mobilizing existing research to change the way physicians treat conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, cirrhosis and intestinal failure.

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Ascend is a collaboration of excellence within the Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology at both the University of Calgary and University of Alberta. Raman, PI, is the Director of Ascend. One of Ascend's primary initiatives is the development of a digital health platform for patients living with both Crohn's disease CD and Ulcerative colitis UC.

Raman and her team have developed an app called LyfeMD, by translating leading scientific prostate cancer institute calgary into a practical and engaging digital format.

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LyfeMD is meant to help people live and thrive while managing their inflammatory disease with A prosztatitisből származó, easy-to-implement, evidence based lifestyle therapies. LyfeMD is one app with multiple features - ranging from customized diet using anti-inflammatory principles identified from recent research led by Dr.

Raman's team, and exercise plans to mindfulness and stress reduction programs.

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It helps patients make therapeutic diet choices to treat inflammation and provides stress reduction strategies when they feel unwell. The LyfeMD app also supports patients to maintain remission even when they're feeling well with trusted resources designed to keep them symptom free.

In addition to delivering personalized and interactive support, the app uses behavior science to help patients change their habits, improve their health and reduce the burden IBD places on their lives.

With proprietary research and a team made up of internationally recognized leaders in the gastrointestinal field, LyfeMD is poised to be the trusted digital health solution for people living with IBD. The excluding conditions are: Patients more than 80 years old. The clinical trial starts on December 15, and will continue throughout October 15,

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